December 2022

The Dovecot @ Reedsford

The Dovecot at Reedsfors before building work started in 2022

This little gem, which is nestled on the banks of The Bowmont River at Reedsford has been in my sights for a long while now. It’s footprint is tiny, yet it was crying out to be loved and lived in once again so the challenge was on.

Side view of the Dovecot at Reedsford before building work begins in 2022

Front view of the little Dovecot from the front

Originally built to house pigeons, chickens and the odd pig or two to feed the local farming family, it was sadly, rapidly beginning to fall into disrepair. The central tower, built as early as late C18th, has ‘grown’ two magnificent wings over time, and is Grade II listed.



Spurred on by the insatiable enthusiasm of two young architects, James Moore and Molly de Courcy Wheeler in 2018, ideas, drawings and plans soon appeared, followed by a wonderful wee model…

The first cardboard architect models of the Dovecot

Artictects model of the Dovecot at Reedsford showing the from elevation

Architect model of the Dovecot at reeddsfor showing the interior space

Sketch for the Dovecot at Reedsford by architect James Moore

The roof had collapsed on the right hand wing so this is where the work began in February 2022.



Grid of images showing the Dovecot at Reedsford in various states of



Our approach throughout this restoration has been ‘lite touch’ – at pains to conserve all its unique exterior and interior features where we possibly can. Part of the ‘excitement’ of the rebuild of the kitchen wing is the addition of a glazed extension to create an open, bright and sunny living space. This cleverly, discretely wraps around the S.W. side allowing the general look and feel of the building to remain seemingly unchanged from the old steading.

Grid of images showing construction work on the Dovecot at Reeddsford




2023 will see the start of the interiors coming to life.

Our aim is to create a cosy bolthole for 2 with a modern, simple, pared down style. Whether one is sitting within the building or outside, the fabric and feel of the wee Dovecot should ‘read’ as it was.



Dove cot at Reedsford interior showing staircase

The Dovecot at Reedsford showing hints of past pigeon holes

Kitchen in the Dovecot at Reedsford

Door leading from the new extention on the Dovecot at Reedsford