May 2021


View through the vergside grasses across the Pentland hills

Is the phenomenon of the staycation here to stay post-pandemic? What have we all learned about avoiding busy airports, dusty travel and overcrowded beaches in the last year? We don’t have to do it, that’s what. We can look around with new eyes at what is going on in our own country and choose to stay put. Ok so the weather isn’t always guaranteed, but fresh, clear air, big skies and panoramic views are, and that’s what’s at a premium in this day and age. And not only this, have we become more inclined to just get away for short breaks – feeding our insatiable appetites for a change of scene…to read, reboot and take stock.

Tea cups on the dining table

So what goes into choosing your staycation? What words should you put into your google search to make sure you find the right nest to feather for your planned escapes? A place to call your own and a home from home. Top of the list is exactly that. You hope the description matches the reality, when on arrival, weary and gasping for a cup of tea, the cups are more Bridgewater than 1980’s Woolworths, bed linen more White Company cotton than 1970s flannel.

The Smithy cottage enclosed garden with dog at fence

There’s a gold standard in this industry and although you might have to pay for it, it is always worth it. If you are trying to persuade your holiday companions to stay on home turf then you need to be armed with knowledge about how to choose the very best. Putting in the research always pays off in the end. The world of google, Instagram and many other forms of social media do their very best to entice us thus.

Family out for a horseride with hills in the background


Some of the best USPs (unique selling points) for staycations


Just a few ideas to help you choose the perfect holiday.


Area strong points that appeal such as wild swimming, cycling or pony trekking, surfing or hillwalking.

The house – interior design, is it well equipped for catering, underfloor heating in the bathroom (in winter you might be glad I mentioned it!)

Garden – is small or large, is it fenced in, can you bring your dogs or even a horse?

Things to do – holiday diary goals are important even if you just want to chill. Consider perhaps a one day trip and research places to visit, both historical and cultural – big cities or small market towns nearby you decide.